Friday, July 1, 2011

June- First four weeks of summer

Where did the month go? It feels like summer just started, but we're already a month into it. The boys had swim lessons and vacation bible school-both got us out of the house bright and early. That was the key to us getting the most out of our day. We had playdates, swim time, and lots of free activities. The kids had fun, and I did too. There's never been a dull (and rarely a quiet) moment in this house-and that's a lot of fun. We had arts and crafts, cooking, game time, we did it all. The boys had summer camp, and we met with our playgroups too.

MOMS Club and Moms Time Out are on summer hiatus-but we're still having fun with our friends. I'm excited about the board for next year-and look forward to spending time with all our friends when we go out around town. We've run into friends all over-from the playground, water park, and summer reading programs. I think seeing our friends (and me connecting with other moms) has definitely added to this being a memorable summer. I have taken time for myself too-Robert has been spending time on his own with all four kids and making memories with them. Moms Night Outs and hanging out w/ neigbors post kid bedtime-I'm loving it! am soaking it all up-it won't be long before school and sports are upon us. We have found our groove with a summer routine-and having fun along the way. I defintely feel like we're making memories that will last a lifetime-and aren't breaking the bank doing it.

We have fun adventures ahead-just waiting for the heat to kick in so we can take advantage of them. Going to the coast, the aquarium, even a couple of theme parks. I also want to hit the mountain areas too. The list is long-but it doesn't feel overwhelming. We're enjoying our activities as they come, and not getting frazzled if we have a change of plans. We'll travel as a family-as well as with friends. I'm looking forward to all of it- I ♥ summer!

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