Thursday, July 7, 2011

Making memories

Today is a mellow vacation day-we've been on the go almost every day, keeping busy seeing friends, making new ones. Adventures are plentiful, and they haven't cost a ton of money-and they've been memorable. I wonder years from now what will stick out in my kids memories, what they will remember doing with me, with Robert, and their siblings. Its a juggling act-finding the right balance of planned, not planned, things with me, things with Robert, and of course now, things without either parent. I have the boys participating in summer camp twice a week-more or less to switch things up and give them time with peers (and allow me to regain my sanity).

I was talking with a friend this morning about the cost, and how I nickel and dime everything just so we can afford day camp and not freak out about everything else. She reminded me-you need your sanity. While my husband is wonderful about giving me time-I need more-to be the best mom I can be-not to mention remember that being a mom is just one facet of myself. That may sound hokey-but for me-I need that. So we nickel and dime, and the kids have camp, and I have relative peace (yes w/ Miss Rebecca, but she's still at that mellow baby age/stage) Let me also add that while I nickel and dime, I follow Dave Ramsey, so bills get paid, savings are added to, and life marches on. We're not broke, we're not poor, we're frugal. My kids go to summer camp. I have my sanity restored/replenished/rejuvenated. That's a great balance for me.

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