Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inspiration-you never know when its going to hit

Today was a long day. A long, tiring, exhausting day. At the same time, it was so much fun. And truthfully (and with only a little apprehension) I'm doing it again tomorrow. My friend Heather and I, along with her friend Diane are canning tomatoes-about 25 flats of them. Yes, 25. I have a picture of them:

I left my camera at Heather's home with my pictures of us starting out, but here's a picture of some of the at least 12 jars of tomato sauce we made with just 5 of the flats:
Between the three of us there are seven kids underfoot-four of which are mine, who also happen to be the youngest too. Makes for some interesting moments (Elijah falling asleep sitting up) and me taking breaks to nurse and diaper change Rebecca. I wouldn't change a thing-its fun, frugal, and tasty too. Hoping that some of the batches we make tomorrow include salsa, and perhaps chutney if we're bold.

My friend Andrea gave me a flat of peaches today-and I gave her blueberry-nectarine jam, peach jam, and spiced nectarines as a thank you/thinking of you gesture for being her earlier this week. I'm excited to make a Peach and Blackberry (subbing blueberries) muddle. Who needs to go out when you can make this at home?

And if I need more inspiration after we go peach picking next week, I found 25 things to make with peaches, and more peach recipes here, and this recipe for brandied peaches, and another recipe for brandied peaches.

I am loving the bounty of the season, the fresh fruit, vegetables, I love this time of year. The heat is not bothering us-the attic fan has run daily, saving us our fair share of dollars. We're loading up on veggies every night, salad, veggie burritos, breakfast scrambles with vegetables. Its delicious! I can't wait to see what else I can/bake/produce this year. Its exciting to learn a new skill, and then share it with my family.

I have a set of friends who are crafty-and those who post their ideas online. I fell in love with this idea for picture frames thanks to someone posting it. Storage is at a premium in a house of six people, so I love this idea for Pottery Barn Knockoff.

Life is amazing-I get inspiration, just when I need it. Faith, love, they are powerful.

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