Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thoughts while drinking coffee

Gabriel has a tan-reminds me of the Coppertone Baby-he's been in the pool a lot this summer.

Matthew is an awesome helper (when the mood strikes-and we're working on that). Yesterday I needed help getting the bike trailer out for our ride, and he helped me-made for a nicer ride.

Elijah-fishy kisses. I don't know how this got started, but it cracks me up.
Rebecca-went bonkers when she saw my sauteed spinach and tomatoes last night, and didn't settle down until she had some.

Robert-Love is dealing with a broken washer for three days in a row, each day figuring out something else is wrong thanks to youtube and google. Figuring out what it was, going underneath/inside the machine's body to use duct tape to hold the tiny clasp together just long enough so we can get to Fresno to purchase the replacement part. It did save us $50+ figuring it out ourselves.

Heather-how many friends would you let see your unmentionables? Seriously, she brought 3 loads of laundry to her home, and not only washed them, but dried them too. Love my friend, and what she adds to my life.

There are people I don't write about-people that remain a mystery to me, even today. I don't understand why things are the way they are-maybe that's the point. Maybe I just need to go with the flow once again-usually I'm good with that. Its been a struggle the past week-I wonder if my hormones are trying to get re-balanced now that Rebecca is eating more food/less nursing. I'm not burned out-yet trying to soak everything up to the point that I wonder if I just need to press stop. pause. go again. or reboot.

Yesterday going on a bike ride was the highlight-that and making spinach and tomatoes from Heather's husband's farm, and all the kids devoured it-I was floored. I thought for sure they'd make a face-how many kids do you know willingly eat spinach? No bribery here either-the bike ride was before dinner-so maybe that made them hungrier?

The weather has been beautiful here-making it easy to stay local. Robert made my day getting a bike trailer so I can go around town with all the kids on their bikes. Oh, and I have a bike now too. Both are second hand-but new to me-and that's just fine. Its been about 8 years since I stepped on a bike-and it was a cinch getting back on it. The most challenging part is getting the two younger ones situated-but with practice that will get easier. We went exploring the other day-and have made many bike rides to Heather's home so the kids could play and the adults could chill. I have seen some homes that stir up a drive for me to be creative-and others that seem like they are just.too.much (ticky tacky houses anyone?)

Another summer day here. Kids. Pool. Summer camp.

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