Saturday, July 30, 2011

Christmas in July

My friend Heather and I were doing a happy dance as we skipped, yes, skipped out of Target because-our holiday shopping for our kids is done. Yes, done. I am loving every minute of summer, and not rushing through it-but the opportunity came to go into Target during their 75% off toy clearance-and I found some amazing bargains. I found three family board games, a knex set for the boys to share, two card games for when we're out and about, a power ball, and a memory game to give as a donation/gift. Before gift cards which I obtained from the sunscreen deal a couple of months back, the cost would have been $28. I spent $13 out of pocket. Full retail of the items: $107. See why I did a happy dance?
Earlier in the week, we also took advantage of the Pier One $10 off of $10 coupon. I walked away with these items for gifts too.
(free after $10 coupon)
($2.95 after $10 coupon)
($0.50 after $10 coupon)

We're well on our way to having a frugal and fun holiday season-and not getting sucked into buying stuff last minute, and at outrageous prices. I know not everyone likes shopping ahead, has the time, the storage, different rationale for waiting to shop. For me, shopping ahead helps me stretch our family dollars.

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