Sunday, April 27, 2008

weekend wrapup 04/26-4/27

What an awesome way to end the week/start the upcoming warm weather :) I had the opportunity to escape the house w/o kids (although it seemed like everywhere I went, babys were too!) for the whole day. I went to the outlets w/ a friend of mine, and a friend of her's, and we had a blast! Shopping for myself was a bi harder than I thought, not because of money (although that was never far from my mind), but because I love how certain things look, but now having kids makes me think twice about stain resistance, and liklihood of fading (given how ketchup, dirt, and baby spitup are drawn to me, leading to frequent washings).I did score on 2 shorts, a pair of capris, and 2 nice shirts. I also bought a few items for the bin of clothes I have as the boys get older. I also found a bread knife, so now I can use my bread maker, knowing I won't shred my yummy creations to bits. To top it off, I got some pampering treats at the Bath and Body Works store, can't wait to start using my treats :) Capped off with a lunch at a grown up place (no cutting up food, eating a hot meal), and boy I was feeling good! Grand total, including money for gas, was $134~and every penny was well spent.
As for hubby and the boys, as far as I could tell, it only cost him $6 ($3 each) to go out yesterday-and that was on two helium ballons at the rodeo parade. I normally would have said something, but the boys were happy, intact, and happy to see mommy at the end of the day.
Today we hit the zoo, and the boys had even more fun than normal. Maybe it was he ice cream daddy bought, or the fact that M got to see more than when I'm by myself w/ the three kiddies, but it was a good time. We didn't stay for lunch, chose to get some decent food out since we had one stop to make in the city, before heading home, and we still had 1 1/2 hours to kill before we could get that errand done. A tantrum changed our location to eat, but it turned out well. We ended up spending less, and had a coupon for a free kid's meal to boot, so we only paid for the 2 of us, leading us to spend $24 for the 4 of us to eat-much cheaper and more filling than the zoo food-where it cost 8.45 for a hamburger, small fry, and med drink. It was worth the money spent.
While it wasn't the most frugal of weekends, it was highly enjoyable. I think this weekend showed us that we are capable of choosing the best way of what and how we spend our money.

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