Saturday, April 19, 2008

happy saturday

the weekend is here, hooray! hubby took the older boys to the dog park, and i'm relishing the relative peace by folding clean laundry :-) and of course i have my tivo'd shows to keep me company. the plan for this weekend is to it up vintage days in the big city and/or a local community festival geared towards families. we'll end the day by hitting up costco for some fresh fruit, and have dinner at home.

last night was a lot of fun-i had taken the boys for an late afternoon playdate w/ one of matthew's friends from preschool. i've become friends w/ the mom-she and i both were going to grad school at the same time, and our youngest children are only two months apart. of course, living in the same town, it's nice having them around-since we don't have any family, i know if an emergency came up-i'd have someone very local that could pick up the boys. we ended up ordering pizza and robert met us at the other family's home after work. the kids fought bedtime, but we were all in bed by 9:30-and of course up at the crack of dawn today.

i did learn more about the organic farming cc-op available here in town. she showed me the box of produce, and it looked delish! here's the link:
another site to find a local co-op is i need to research this more, but i think we'll start something up in june or july.

the boys are back, so got to run. happy weekend everyone!

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