Monday, April 7, 2008

weekend wrapup

this weekend was a good weekend. we had our yard sale on saturday, and cleared out a bunch of clutter. i made $35 and was thrilled more by the reduction in junk than anything else.
i came home for lunch, instead of blowing the money on starbucks (which i was really craving after getting up so early). hubby had taken the boys to costco for lunch, bu considering he was also running errands, and we've been good about eating meals at home, it wasn't a big deal. later on that night, we ran into the possibility of spending a ton of money,but i convinced hubby to research his purchase more thouroughly before we bought the item. he thinks we need a special fence for the dog, and in store, the prices range anywhere from $150-$300. i don't think we need it, but i'm willing to negotiate if the price is right, because i do undestand his reasning behind wanting the item. we almost blew it on dinner, as we were out really late at night. i totally forgot to pack food for the boys, but i was not in the mood to go to a sit down restaurant w/ the boys being near exhaustion. we ended up doing a drive thru run to mcdonalds,. i bought one meal and split it between the boys. hubby wasn't hungry, and i figured i'd eat once we got home. the boys went to bed, and i had leftovers from the past week. overall, it was the best thing we could have done.
sunday was better planned out. hubby worked 4 hours of overtime, and i spent the morning at home w/ the boys, catching up on laundry and prepping the crock pot for dinner. we had planned on going to a festival later in the day, and while i was prepared for hubby to want everything under the sun food-wise, i knew i'd rather pick something up at costco and feed us all for $7, than get a tiny sandwich or chocolate dipped strawberries for the same amount. i was prepared to indulge hubby, since we did have the yardsale money from the night before. however, once he saw the prices, he agreed that we were better off getting a snack while grocery shopping. we left the festival only spending $3 on a homemade dip mix, which i knew would satisfy the whole family as a treat. at costco, we only got the necessities (milk, eggs, bagels, some produce), and our total was $30. i went to win-co in the same lot, to see if i could find any better deals on produce, as i wasn't too sure if costco had the lowest price. i ended up buying bell peppers, zucchinni, apples, yougurt, tortillas and enchilada sauce for dinner this week. together i spent $20, bringing our grocery shopping to $50 for this week. if we can keep up the momentum of eating at home and using our grocery store purchases, we'll be sitting pretty at the end of the month. as for dinner last night, hubby and i had the crock pot meal (enough for lunch for today) and the boys were full from their early dinner at costco. another temptation averted!

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Jilse said...

If you're looking into the electric fence thing, that gently zaps the dog when he goes too far, I have to warn you that training the dog with it is a lot of work.

We bought it for our dog and tried it out. He didn't catch on quickly, and it took a lot of work to try and train him not to go over the wire. Ultimately we took the fence back, it wasn't worth the cost or the effort. And it wasn't working for him anyways.