Sunday, April 13, 2008

weekend wrapup

this weekend was definitely a mixed bag.
saturday i was at a festival most of the day alone w/ the baby, and prepared myself for the sunny weather. along w/ a cooler of drinks, i brought plenty of munchies. that kept me satisfied, and when i called home, i was pleased to hear that hubby was feeding the kids at home. he didn't want to bring the kids out to me, and while i was somewhat disappointed, i was relieved; not only was gas money not being spent, but also the temptation of the food booths. as a treat for myself, i did hit mc d's on the way home for an iced coffee, but spent a fraction of the price it would have cost me had i indulged in a venti iced frappachino that was served at the festival (a pricey $5-ouch!)
once i got home, we hit costco for our groceries, and asa treat for the family hit cold stone creamery-coupon included! hubby wanted a largersize, but i convincd him a smaller one was enough, and between the 4 of us, we shared the two small ice creams. mind you, we spent $5, and could have spent more-and i knew i really wanted more ice cream. however, i couldn't see buying more there, when really we could get a gallon of ice cream for the same price at the grocery store. i did want to treat hubby though, since i really appreciated his watching the older boys so i didn't have to take them to the festival with me.
today (sunday) was a nice restful day at home. did 4 loads of laundry, and made a nice enchilada dinner-with leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. we had the contractor stop by w/ the estimate for the bathroom/bedroom renovation, and that went as well as could be expected. hubby is having his draw up a couple other estimates, based on us doing one room at a time-vs doing all three together. while the contractor said he'd give us a price break if we did all at the same time, honestly, i don't want to tap out our resources. we have enough saved up, but i really do't want to tap us out. i know as soon as we sign the dotted line, something major will happen, as always. i guess we'll just have to wait and see-hubby is also going to touch base w/ some other contacts and get a few more estimates.
one last thing, our anniversary is coming up and we met w/ our future babysitter today. she's going to watch the older two boys, so we'll pay her $10 an hour. while i'd love to get away w/o all the kids, having eli with us will prevent us from going overboard-whether its to dinner, movies, and something else, or heading to the indian reservation's casino -which thankfully is a no-go since we'll have the baby. now its just about seeing what's in the entertainment book, so we can try a new place w/o breaking the bank.

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