Saturday, April 19, 2008

thoughts/comments from this weekend

"m doesn't want to be prince eric" (from the little mermaid)-m's friend at the playdate yesterday
a minute later, "he doesn't want to marry me"-m's friend, upset that he's more interested riding her girly bike than being a prince and rescuing her
"i pooped on the potty"-after 6 weeks of wearing big boy underware and no more pullups, and a full day out both yesterday and today, this was music to our ears!
"i crap!"-where m got this from, i don't know-but it struck hubby as insanely funny
we hit the festival today. it was a ton of fun, and we didn't blow the bank. ate the snacks/drinks brought from home. did splurge on wristbands for the older boys, but they were cheap ($2 each), and the boys did art activities, played in a couple of bounce houses, and each had a pony ride. we got our money's worth. next year, we'll stay longer, or go earlier. it was too close to naptime to do much else in the kid zone, but i don't think the boys noticed.
hit up costco on the way home. had a late lunch there too since we didn't eat at the festival. used the coupons and bought groceries for the week. walked out of there $76 later, but that included $18 of dog food, $5 on lunch, so it was close to the $50 i planned on spending on our main needs. i'm planning on cooking some make-ahead meals tomorrow. that should help esae the crunch of eating at home this week, since we have some activites going on during the day.
and my last bit of good news, actually one of two bits, i get to hit up the outlets next weekend w/ one of my girlfriends and another woman. no kids, no hubbys, just a jaunt to the big ol outlets in the bay area. i'm super excited, and plan on getting some summer clothes to fit my post baby (my last one, eek!) body.
and my last happy news-thursday is our 4th wedding anniversary. its amazing how time flies by. i am trying to think of something to do for hubby as a suprise, and have a bunch of ideas. i think i'll work on some tomorrow and see what pans out. i'll post once i know more :)
here's some snapshots from today

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Jilse said...

WOO HOO M!!!!! I crap! That is priceless!!! When R started pooping in the potty she never looked back. I hope it's the same for M.

Love the pics!!! Everyone looks so happy!! We hit the festival yesterday with the kids. R had a blast! You can't beat it for 2.00.

Sounds like a great weekend for you all!!