Monday, March 10, 2008

weekend summary 03/08-03/09/2008

its reassuring to know that i'm not the only one in my struggles. one of my friends also has a blog, and its nice to know that i'm not the only one who has trouble resisting temptation or likes eating out. its just something we have to watch if we want to continue moving forward, and not slip back into debt.
this weekend was a prime example. on saturday we took a family fun day, and planned to go on a train trip. not being familiar with the area, or knowing how long we were going to be out, i decided to pack us a picnic lunch and bring snacks and drinks for the 4 main eaters. so far, so good. well, we got to where hubby thought was the train/miniture gold place was, to find it was out of business. how he couldn't see it last week as he drove by the place is beyond me, but that's besides the point. we discovered that we were only 30 min from a national park, so we decided to venture out there, instead of driving back for 45 minutes and sitting at home the rest of the day. admission to the park was $20 for a 1-7 day pass, and $30 for a year pass. we should have gone with the year pass, but had no idea how mesmerizing the place would be until it was too late in the day, and we didn't see a paid entrance post the way we left the park. lesson learned.
on our way home from the park, we decided to eat dinner at a family place. it was a nice treat, considering we have been eating at home all week. also, we saved money by bringing lunch with us, and resisting our starbucks temptation. however, we had to leave earlier than expected when a potty training accident made it impossible (and frankly, undesirable) to stay longer. next time, i think we'll head home and enjoy one of the frozen pizzas i have stockpiled in the freezer.
yesterday i had planned out. hubby had to work, and i knew the best bet was to get out of the house so he would have peace and quiet to do his work. one trip to target to look for clearance deals, and a trip to costco for groceries. i stayed on track at target, only purchasing the laundry soap and cereal that were on sale (at rock bottom prices) and i had a coupon for eah purchase.
my next stop was costco. lets just say, this trip i had planned on spending $30, and walked out $96 dollars later. i saw two pairs of skorts for myself-i bought them because i have only a couple of shorts, and i'm not even sure they fit me. i also bought more laundry soap and granola bars, since yesterday was the last day to buy them at a reduce price, and it was a good price, and we go through both like crazy. the other purchases just add up, milk, olive oil (we were completely out), a carton of whipping cream (so many uses, and much cheaper than in the store), and my one indulgence-a magazine-not that i needed it, but because i couldn't stand at costco and read the articles that interested me while in the store with the boys. off the top of my head, i can't think of the other purchases, which makes me wonder how much i needed those items.
today is a new day, a new week. i plan on cooking dinner the whole week, and not ordering out. we'll see how that goes. i also need to pay off the credit card today-for some reason, i'm waiting until the last minute. i don't know why.

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Jilse said...

The trip to the national park sounds nice. I'll have to look into that for our family. We haven't been in years, since before my dad died.

Costco always, and I mean always, costs me more than I plan for. Mr.Man usually see's something that he wants to buy for his lunches at work and I can't fault him for wanting to have something to eat for lunch. It saves us money when he brings food to work rather than buying all the time so I always agree to let him grab some lunch stuff.

Good luck eating at home all week. You have better willpower at that than I do, although this week should be easy. Mr.Man is going camping Friday to Saturday so that's one day less I have to think about feeding us as a family.