Sunday, March 23, 2008

weekend progress

we meant to go to the movies and costco yesterday, but as it turned out we only got to costco. we spent under budget, and looking at my grocery game lists for the week, i won't hit any of my shops. hopefully that will make up for my overspending in the beginning of the month. i can rest, knowing that i can submit my monthy rebate checks, and that it will get sent in early.

my ebay items continue to sell. some items that i thought wouldn't sell, actually did. those i though that would, haven't. either way, i cleared out some space, freed myself of clutter. that's what counts in the end. it'll be nice putting these packages in the mail this week.

today should be a quiet day. we had dinner (saucy chicken in the crock pot) . i loved not having to worry about what we were going to have for dinner, especially when it nears the dinner hour and chaos seems to reign supreme. next time i will double the recipe so i can freeze some good food for another crazy night. i'm debating now whether we will go out for easter lunch/dinner at a local buffett. on one hand i took out ground beef to defrost that will become mini meatloaves and meatballs. on the other hand, that meat is frozon solid, and i could definitely make it for tomorrow's dinner. i'd love to take us out for a treat, but who knows if we'll do it. we plan on going to the movies today (w/ the movie tickets from the grocery store), so we can afford to go out for dinner if we choose. hmmmm, what will we decide? to be continued....

today was a complete success-despite the boys running me ragged, we met our financial goals! we hit the movies, used the passes, and the boys got in free. we planned ahead and brought plenty of snacks, popcorn, and drinks. when we left the movie, we were so full, we decided to come home instead of eating out. the boys helped me plant the veggies/fruit/herbs, and i also found some seed packets that i thought i'd try. my sister in law told me the only way i'll know if it works is if i try it, so that was my motivation. it was kind of funny to hear hubby comment on how i must not have had a garden growing up-it was obvious that i had no clue on spacing, what to plant where, and how to properly transfer plants. oh well, whatever happens, happens.

as for dinner, i cooked a frozen ham entree and roasted potatoes. i also made a cherry cobbler. while it wasn't the top-rated meal i had desired, it was better than spending $25 on the buffett and dealing w/ cranky kids. plus, the bottle of wine i opened was a nice treat for myself.

i hope today is a good jumpstart for the week ahead. i need a good push to keep me going. we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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