Saturday, March 15, 2008

vactions and renovations

my wonderful hubby has been wanting to see his friend in puerto rico for years, so finally i say go. i'll stay here with the kids, you go enjoy yourself. i'd rather go w/ him, but given the choice between being stuck on an island w/ three young kids while he has a ball, and staying here where i can go out and do things w/ the kids, while he goes off, heck whatever makes him happy. i thought, well, we could plan and pay in cash, and it would all be good. well, i thought he'd want to go for 4-5 days, a week tops. no, he wants to go for 10 days. wtf?
moving right along in the same hour as that conversation, hubby has someone come over to give us estimates to redo our bathrooms. mind you, our master bath needs to get redone since there is mold in the floor, and it needs it for safety's sake. doing the hall bath is a toss up-when we sell we'll need to get it done-doing it now at the same time as the master bath could give us a discount on labor and parts. turns out the guy and hubby hatch a plan for both bathrooms and the master bedroom (something about painting the walls). grand total: between $7,500-$10,000. wtf?
well i ask hubby what the cost is for just the bathrooms, and he doesn't know-because he didn't ask for that. i say, well, what if we just do the master bath and bedroom, and leave the other bath for later on (not my ideal situation, but i'm trying to work w/ hubby). nope, didn't get an estimate for that either.
i'm beyond livid. we got in an argument about money and somehow scrapbooking came up-it's almost like he thinks i'm spending money on it (since the other women who i have been doing it with have recently spent a lot of money on it). nope, i haven't even bought the cricut i desire, or other fun stuff, thinking that its not a need, its a want, i can do without it, other things take priority. i am just so frustrated because its like we're getting set up to get in a hole again before we get out of what we're in now. no matter how i reason w/ him, he just doesn't get it.
somehow i stayed on track tonight and made dinner at home. we even had lunch at home, which was unexpected, and had breakfast before we had headed out. spending no money today was the brightest part (besides seeing friends at the park, and the boys having a good time). i just wish being responsible about this money stuff was easier.

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