Wednesday, March 19, 2008


i have two choices, either give up after i've blown it, or keep moving forward. lately it seems that i've been maing a few careless msitakes, eating out once w/ elijah when i could have just made it home, not purchased an item when i really didn't need it, or just not paying things on time.
while i'm totally accountable for those failures, i also need to acknowledge that i keep moving forward. clearing my house of surplus items, finding them a better home, and making money at the same time. eating dinner at home with the boys even though i know hubby will be home later than usual. i think what i need to do is start making mini-goals.
i have a few goals for today. pack enough snacks for the boys so we don't need to eat lunch out. cancel the picture appt since today is really not a good day, and i should just say no. also, cancel a mystery shop for tomorrow, since really, who needs to go to two separate cities when its inconvienant-chances are i'll spend whatever money i make doing on that shop just on gas to get from one place to another. its not worth it. that's all i can think of on the top of my head, but i'm sre i'll face temptations today that will test my resolve. we'll see how i do, won't we?

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