Friday, March 14, 2008

the things we spend money on

i went out tonight and had to grab something at the store for our monthly scrapbook get together. planning ahead would have been great, but at the last minute we had to change locations, so bringing something became more of a necessity than just an extra (usually dinner/snacks were provided). i went by the grocery store, and paid $6.05 for salsa, chips, and a soft drink. it could have been worse, but i wasn't plannng on spendng it. on the upshot, i passed up mcdonalds today and instead went home for lunch. it's a small victory.
in other news, i sent hubby ouf for groceries at costco-all we needed was dog food and milk. his tab was $75. considering he watched all three boys so i could go scrapbook for 3 1/2 hours, that was great. he was in a bad mood when i came home, i think he was just tired from the kids and working all week. however, i think tomorrow i need to figureout what he bought and why he bought it. ugh. we really didn't need anything. both the pantry and freezers and refrigerator are well stocked. what the heck did he do? then again, if i nitpick that may not be good either. why does saving money have to be so difficult? or maybe its just me?

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