Thursday, March 20, 2008

hits and misses

a big miss this week: the car repair for hubby's car_$1,000 to replace the fuel pump
a big hit: i missed the mno because we didn't have an extra car for hubby to go to a parent focus group w/ the boys, so i chose to go w/ them instead of me going to mno and the rest of the familky staying at home. saved at least $25 on not eating out/drinks. on the way home from the focus group, baby was crying we pulled over so i could nurse (in the parking lot of a mcdonalds). the three year old wanted to eat, i told hubby we could make it home (the boys ate before we left the house, and given that it was already 8:30, i figured meltdowns were close). we made it home, all kids went down for bed w/o a fight, and a splurge was spared.
another big hit: we had a dr. appt this morning for the two year old. may need ear tubes, so while that may lead to an expense, nothing is freaking me out more than just the need to take care of protecting his hearing. we bypassed starbucks on the way there, and had snacks on the way back home (instead of hanging in town waiting for the car to be fixed, and spending $$ in the process).
its all baby steps but it makes a difference!

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