Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Little brother

Yesterday after school let out, Robert and I took the four children on a trip of a lifetime-4 hours one way to see my little "big" brother sworn in as a police officer in Broadmoor. We made it just in time for the swearing in ceremony, where my dad (who flew in that morning from Wisconsin) pinned on his badge. We went out to a late dinner at Joe's of Westlake after the ceremony with Brian's friend, my dad, Brian's girlfriend and daughter to this wonderful restaurant. Considering we didn't eat until 9 PM, and everyone's schedule was completely thrown off, the kids did fantastic. I was one proud mom! It was great seeing my dad for dinner, and a bit sad that he had to leave bright and early this morning back home. We decided not to spend the night, but will return in a few weeks over Spring Break for some fabulous fun. We made it home at 2:30 this morning, and everyone was off to school at 7:45. Crazy trip for a beautiful reason. Love my husband for doing it with me, for our family. ♥

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Dana said...

Congrats to your brother! I can't believe you were so close -- Broadmoor is just a few miles away. We will have to get together this summer for sure. :)