Saturday, February 11, 2012


Last week I was car-less; Robert met me home after playgroup, and took the van to the college, and I went about picking up three children from two different schools-a good 4 mile round trip walk. The weather was beautiful-bright sun, clear sky, warm for a February afternoon. Rebecca was mellow, Elijah was skipping along, half way running as we made our way to the first school. The whole experience, it was meant to be. My kids taught me a lesson that day. Soak up the sunshine, skip to your heart's content, smile. Too often as adults we get blindsided by our "to-do" lists. I find myself arguing in my head about what I should be doing vs what I want to be doing, and reminding myself that my kids are only this age once-this too shall pass. Too much sickness and sadness surround our community, and that too reminds me, my worries shall pass. My kids are sunshine and hope, carefree and full of wonder. Optimism and curiosity abound. I appreciated them that day for teaching me, reminding me to soak up the sunshine. Gabriel makes me smile often, here's a picture of him that makes me grin :)

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