Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I'm sitting here stressed, prayful about the yard sale, things are falling into place. Yet I am stressed. I can't be everywhere, do everything, be someone to everyone. Then it hits me this morning as I'm getting ready to go about my day, sitting with my coffee. My friend Jennifer has a way with words. She posted this essay today, and it struck a chord, as many of her essays often do. I need to stop, breathe, do one thing at a time. Last night I did that, and it worked. I cleared out a major haul of baby clothes that had grown unmanageable. When I focused just on that one task, it was quickly knocked out. Same goes for making dinner, doing laundry, dishes, playing with the kids (although that's more of an ongoing thing to do).

I want to always live in the moment, appreciate the small stuff, live. Simply live. Not be burned out-which is what I'm headed to if I don't lighten the load once again. I'm going to do things one thing at a time, get items squared away as they should be. Whatever happens on Saturday, happens. I'm going to soak up the journey, see where it takes me. I'm not going to get caught up in the minutia of every.single.thing that goes on for everyone, the load needs to be shared, or its just going to get simpler for me. Stress. It can be a positive, or a negative. Its all a matter of perspective.

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