Monday, January 30, 2012

Talk, its all talk

Auston's dad wrote today, "My life has always been about tomorrow. What we do today.. determines our tomorrow. Thoughts were always on who I wanted to be in the future. There's been a huge paradigm shift in my perspective. I'm still mindful that tomorrow exists.. but life is now lived one day at a time. Thoughts have now shifted to being mindful of the man that I am today."

I was bent out of shape this afternoon for an instant-some people have mental issues that either need medication or a reality check, or both-but that's not my concern. I can do what I can, be the glass is half full woman, and keep my head held high through whatever life throws my way. I cannot worry about the little, mundane details. Frankly, as irritated as I was, I had the luxury of being irritated over something small. Lori is fighting her battle with IBC, Auston is fighting his battle with brain cancer, really, life is a gift.

Nothing will change with this individual, but I cannot do anything about it. All I can do is be who I am, and be with my kids. I have to admit I loved foggy school schedule this morning. The kids slept in, I made french toast for breakfast, we all did what needed to get done, and had a productive morning. Yes my kids were ornery with each other-but as I locked my door, and I looked at Rebecca, I said aloud, I am so blessed to be dealing with kids that get on each other's nerves, because they're around each other. Period.

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