Thursday, January 12, 2012

From life to death

Last night I had two experiences, celebrating life-one just beginning and one that's coming closer to the end. It is indescribable to go from one extreme to another without it making you question and be in awe of life. I experienced joy bringing a new mom dinner, remembering all too well those early days when having baby number two threw off my entire routine. Then to come home and post a tribute for L whose fight with IBC has opened my eyes-to living life to the fullest, with class, and dignity. The tribute 20+ women are putting together has moved me-but I hope it provides just a glimmer of gratitude and hope, and thanks to a woman who has opened her heart to all of us. I have been questioning where my focus needs to lie- in part because of this experience. My heart has been leaning towards a new career endeavor, and while I've wondered how and why I am leaning this way, I have to let it go, and see where it takes me. I'm also appreciating the moments with my kids, with Robert, and being at peace that I don't understand every single t thing that happens. I defintely have these odd dejavu moments though- a bit eerie considering the circumstances. Live life for today, enjoy the moments that come. Hug my babies, don't sweat the small stuff. Its how I'm living my life these days.

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Dana said...

Amen to that! Life is so short, so keep hugging those babies tight! Hugs!