Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ruff and tumble

Live life. Laugh often. Love like there's no tomorrow.

I often sense I am put in situations for a reason. I went to a coupon class on Friday, held by a mom of five. I have known her since she had three, and I had Matthew and was pregnant with Gabriel. She showed a group of 15 moms how to coupon, how she combines sales and coupons, and uses whole foods to feed her family of seven on less than $400 per month. I went to provide support, answer questions, and share my coupon binder and frugal living experiences. Nikki took it further, talking about freezer cooking and her newfound organization. I love her enthusiam, her authentic self, and as a mom of five boys, her sense of humor and young at heart self (even though she really is young, having turned 30 last year). It clicked hearing her talk about being intentional-indescribable in words, but it resonated in my heart.

Robert went back to school yesterday, and I took the kids to the pet store, craft store, and children's museum. The boys looked at fish, and Rebecca loved looking at the rats. We made silly putty, boys learned about science, and Rebecca crawled, climbed, and was a busy bee at all the stations.

After coming home and making dinner for the crew, I dressed up and went to Cafe 225 with 5 great friends. A $50 off $100 netted us a fantastic dinner and sweet desserts. It was a night that helped restore my spirit.

Today was filled with intentional moments. Pancake breakfast, with a large batch in the freezer. Stampin Up craft time with Andrea restored my spirit-talked about parenthood and cancer, and living with our hearts outside our bodies. Another night, another home cooked meal. My three boys rough and tumble with their dad, Rebecca snuggling with me. Cake Boss marathon, meal planning for the next week. Life is short, and I cherish the time I have with my family.

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Dana said...

I love reading about your life & your thoughts. We are so much alike! :)
Now that I'm not on Facebook anymore, I appreciate reading people's (esp. your) blogs and see their real selves shine through -- in details that are most often not shared on social networks. Keep sharing your heart here, girlfriend!