Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FPU, revisited

Last night while Robert was at school, the children and I went to an FPU reunion with our former group. We had a potluck dinner, and shared our victory stories. It provided some much needed inspiration, and fellowship that was nice too. I shared my story about paying for our appliance with cash, paying for Robert's tuition and books with cash, and our overall abilty to bless others in a way we weren't able to before having a plan. It was nice to hear how others have stayed on track-and also learned what worked and didn't work for others. The saying that you change your family tree rings true, the boys get it-knowing how we have a plan and when we live life our way, we're protecting (what we can control) our future (as best we can).

The kids were well behaved, and everyone went to bed without much of a fuss. I never know how it will be with four children on my own, especially at night. As l observed though, they looked out for each other, and helped one another. I get the sense that it will get easier going places with all of them, and as long as I have realistic expectations, it should be okay. We've come a long way since last year.

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