Thursday, February 17, 2011

What goes down must come up

Life is crazy here-in a good, keep you on your toes, kind of way. The last week has been a struggle, but I'm optimistic that it will work itself out. It always does, but its the trials and tribulations of parenthood that take a toll at the same time. Baby girl is awake more-and while I'm thrilled for that-means more sleep at night, it does change the elements of our day. R received the results from the sleep study last week, and thankfully we have a diagnosis, and insurance covers the entire cost of the CPAP machine! What a blessing that has been. It was hooked up last night, and I slept like a rock-ha-who would of thought his snoring bothered me that much? Not me! Then again, school pickup in the rain at two different schools with a drenched stroller (but a dry baby-thank God!) and taking four kids by myself to the children's hospital for a follow up appointment was exhausting-but I did it :)

Homework is challenging for the boys-I'm not a teacher, but I am a mom, and I don't like how its taking a toll on life at home. I found some books at the library, and I think between those and talking with the teachers, and a good dose of faith and hard work, we'll work through these challenges.

Lately I've been thinking about my mom and how she managed with four kids-and how messy the divorce has gotten-wondering when it went wrong and how they dealt with money and kids, and wanting so much more for myself, as a human, mom, wife. Communication is key-and R and I have been working on that-it takes work to be on the same page-but we want so much for our family. I often hear myself telling the kids, "I'm doing the best that I can." "We're doing the best that we can." "We're a team, partners, a family." I don't remember hearing that growing up-or maybe my memory of that time has faded. Either way, I want it better for my children, for them to have a strong set of values and good character. FPU has been getting my mind spinning-too much to write down here-and when I do have a thought worth writing about, its not necessarily right when I can blog. Such is life with a houseful of beautiful, busy, active children.

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