Monday, February 28, 2011

Even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with ya honey

Heard lines from this at class tonight, and it just made me want to find the video for it.

FPU was great tonight. It finally feels like I'm getting something out of it-or maybe I'm just doing what needs to get done. It reminds me how I hated my some of my grad school classes-namely the ones that had homework that wasn't necessarily fun but I did it, and I did get something out of it. I've wondered how to apply all the principles to our life; how best to teach it with the boys. We already do a lot of what FPU preaches-get rid of credit; live within your means. Yet I'm getting more out of it-the nerd/free spirit, gazelle intensity, and the idea of commissions instead of allowances. I'm feeling more at ease at how to deal with the boys and money-like not doing an allowance (doing commission instead) and understanding more how we viewed money when we grew up and how we want it now. I like how when the boys collect items for recycling, they can decide how to spend that money-when its gone its gone, but its not something I have to micromanage. There's definite benefits to this course-I wish I had taken it sooner, but just the same, I'm glad I'm taking it now.

We've been doing a lot of free family activities; outside when the weather is decent. Inside we're playing games, watching netflix, or learning how to cook/bake more from scratch. The boys have been riding their bikes more; I've been scrapbooking/stamping/crafting more. Robert seems to be doing well in school. We're getting used to Netflix-and I'm picking up more books now and reading more-something I've missed, but didn't know it. I'm also back in the groove of couponing with kids. Not always the easiest, but getting things for free (and not adding to our grocery budget) is worth it.

I've had a few rites of passage lately; first trip to the Boy Scout Store; first time sewing on patches; first time at a Blue and Gold Banquet. Searching for life insurance.

Oh something that stuck out about tonight's class: talking about the difference between being broke and being poor-reminded me of a conversation Robert and I had this weekend. What we're facing now (paying for life insurance, rising gas, food, planning for our future-not just the present) is all relative. We may be broke-but its a temporary state-and its not that we don't have money-its that we're choosing to live like no one else so later we can live like no one else. We want to do better than how we grew up, and teach our kids how to do better than us. Totally Dave Ramsey-but its so true.

Tying into that thought-I had a proud moment today-I cut our internet bill from $40 to $20 (it had been a promo rate of $30 but was set to end soon) for a full year without changing our service-and when I got off the phone, Matthew asked me why I was happy. I told him I saved another $10 per month. He looked at me and said, That's money we can spend on something else, or save it. Yes, we can save it (and I plan on doing just that). Way to go :)

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