Friday, February 18, 2011

Coupon nerd-but saving money.

Why I love Rite Aid (and appear like a coupon nerd)
I started with a $25 gift cards
Ended with 18 quarts of Dreyers Ice Cream for 7.94 out of pocket and $17 in UPs

Week two:
Bought children's cough syrup, adult's cough syrup, excedrin pm, cookie mix, tooth paste
Ended with $32..97 and getting a 30.98 rebate back (1.99 for a ton of stuff!) and $7 in UPs for next week

Week three
Bought (2) chex mix, (2) Jiff peanut butters, (2) boxes of triscuits, (2) toothpastes
Ended with 8.18, but $33 in UPs for next week

Grand total: 18.88 oop (7.94+1.99+8.18), but w/ $33 in UPs, I'm ahead by $14.89.
Yep, I'm a coupon nerd, but one that's saving money.

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