Monday, February 7, 2011


Tonight was the start of a new venture-Financial Peace University. I received information from a local mom about a class taking place at a church in Kingsburg, and I called this morning to find out about it. I was a bit nervous-more or less because I get nervous about starting things that are unfamiliar. In typical Jen style though, I faced my fear, and took the leap. I invited a friend to go with me, we're of the same mindset-just dealing with different financial situations. We both share a love of learning, and have the determination to face our challenges head on. We spoke with the facilitator about the pricing of the course, and since our spouses are unable to attend with us, we can be our own couple. Yay! I'm working out the kinks of childcare-it is available for a fee, but I'm going to see what I can arrange on my own so I don't have to use part of our grocery budget for babysitting every week. Robert was excited when I told him what I did-I'm sure we'll face challenges ahead, but we both want more from our lives than making ends meet. Its not just about making them meet, but giving in the way we want to-and do-but with a lot less stress and worry. Not to mention having peace of mind that we'll be better prepared for retirement and college, and have a better footing than we did once we've completed the program. Yay for new adventures-I'm excited :)

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