Monday, February 7, 2011


This is how we spent most of our week-in pajamas. I had one child home on Monday, and another sick one home Thursday and Friday. Coupled with me still feeling under the weather-and our home was definitely a laid back one. Needless to say not a whole lot got done but the basics.By this weekend, kids were on the mend-and I was thankful, because I flew solo for half of it. Robert had his sleep study one night, and worked with the Gang Task Force on another. I managed though-even getting back in the swing of couponing with the kids. I hate to admit-but I took a break from it for the past month-but seeing others rock some really good deals made me miss it. I rocked our grocery budget-and stocked up on frozen treats and grocery items. I survived (yes it felt like survival) grocery shopping with four kids by myself. I didn't lose my mind-or lost my budget. No picture this time-maybe I'll get to it this week. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out with the challenge I made for myself this month-and yes, I'll post about it too-just not yet.

The weather was beautiful this weekend. We spent time outside lounging around-letting the kids do what they do best-play!

Eli put his own shoes on-they're not his-but they got the job done!
Rebecca's becoming more alert-and such a mellow baby when we're outside.
Matthew tried to show Elijah how to ride his tricycle.
Brotherly love :)
These eyes are beautiful :)

Who needs toys when we have paper rolls?
All the kids went back to school today-hooray! Now to get back into a routine around here....

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