Saturday, January 16, 2010


Last weekend was a mellow weekend. We had downtime to stay home and rest, it has been awfully cold and damp here, with heavy fog, making it miserable to go out. We did venture out to replenish our pantry with canned food (and get donations for the food bank), but otherwise we rested our bodies and souls. It helped, since this week was such a busy week. On Monday, I helped M's class celebrate Hibernation Day. Storytime was complete with teddy bears and blankets brought from home.
M made a bear claw-biscuit with slivered almonds!
M showing his best bear face!
Snack time!
Tuesday I was driving through the countryside and was blissed out by nature. Times like this I love living out near the countryside, where else can you capture images like this?
You can see the snow fall through the Sequoia National Forest-a 2 hour drive from where we live.

On Tuesday night M and I played with his train set, this time we made a zoo!
Wednesday morning was cold and damp, so the younger boys and I stayed at home and tried to play Candy Land. I'm hoping that one of these days we can play a game that is actually a game-for now, the kids made up their own game and rules-then again-they were having fun, so that's what counts.
Wednesday afternoon after M was done with school, we headed into C town for a playdate. It was sunny and warm-and it was still chilly and damp a half hour away at home! The older two boys were squirrled away with another playmate playing legos (a new fascination) but E had a ball driving around the front yard.
A neighbor had a pet bunny, and E couldn't wait for the chance to get up close and pet her. Too cute!
Thursday was a blur of helping out in M's class for four hours, helping with testing and centers. The teacher appreciated the extra hands, and I loved helping out in his class. Afterwards, I worked from home, the best way I could. I also spent time getting ready for Robert's mom to come into town later that night. It was a beautiful sight seeing the boys run up to her later that evening-and of course, my battery was dead :(, but that's okay, the memory is in my heart.

Friday my MIL Lani and I went to thrift stores, and bargain hunting. There were some places she wanted to go that are not accesible to her in Sacramento, and I love spending time with her. During the time together I hear what's going on back with her, and my SIL and her kids, what she'll possibly need help with in the coming months, and random stuff. I really feel blessed to have her in my life, considering my mom's out of the picture, she's the mom figure in my life. As crazy as she may make R sometimes, I know he loves how close me and her are to each other.Anyways, we both share a love of cooking, and man, can she dish! I let her loose in my kitchen, and off she was cooking-now I know I channel her and have learned a lot from her, but her cooking, it makes the house smell even more wonderful!
The boys colored while dinner was cooking, thanks to coloring books Grandma brought from home.
E showed me how he plays his own made up game, Wiggle man style.
R sneaking a taste of our home cooking
Lani and me, a snapshot in between prepping and eating
Love me some Trader Joe wine, went wonderful with the dinner we made.
The rest of the evening was quiet and relaxing, the hum of the boys playing and us adults enjoying a mellow night at home.

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