Saturday, January 9, 2010


We started off the week, nice and slow at home. M wanted to bake cookies for a friend, so we did. Cookies never made it over there, but its all good. Nothing soothes a heart like baking cookies with your little boy.

Sunday we tried taking the boys to the park. It was freezing-about 48 degrees! I think we lasted a half hour before we called the troops in. I think we'll wait to go out again when it hits 60 :)

The boys are forever using their imagination to build cities, police stations, and I think this time was a zoo. I love pictures like this because it reminds me that while my boys may scrap and fight like puppies, they have a deep bond as brothers, loving and playing with each other too.

On Wednesday, I ventured out to a playdate with friends at a park in F town, and it was still cold, but at least the sun was out. I know its been a lot of cold, foggy days when M looked outside and asked me what the blue stuff up above us was-it was the blue sky! Of course as we head home, the clouds and fog thickened, so we knew it would be awhile before we'd see some blue sky-and its still clouds and fog as of tonight, no sun peeking through yet :(

One really fun part about Wednesday, I took one of M's playmates (down below M in this picture) with us. It helped out his mom (one of my good friends), gave the boys time to play after school, and I was thankful to have an extra seat to take a friend with us (and having four kids alone for an afternoon, it was a lot of fun-I know I can handle it now!)

G wanted to climb up to the top too, it took him awhile, but boy was he proud when he reached the top!

It seems like the rest of the week sped by, Moms Club meeting (planned out a lot of fun activities for the coming months), substitute taught at a junior high for a day, and did a lot of mystery shops. I made another large payment on our house repair-I hated writing that check, but boy did it feel good to know that we're half way there-only two more payments and we're done!

In other good news, R passed his math class-yay!!! Now we know we're off and running to take him every Saturday, and at least once a week too, to study at the college at the end of this month for the next four months, The driving back and forth will not always be fun, but at least R can move onto the next class. R's excited, its one more step closer to getting his Bachelor's degree.

We ate dinner at home all this week. One night I made a new dish, Sloppy Joe calzones, from Taste of Home's Simple and Delicious magazine. It was warm and filling, and it was healthy, ground beef, beans, tomatoes, and cheese. No leftovers here, and DH told me to keep it in mind for a night when we want something different than our usual chili and cornbread.

Today was mellow. We took a drive to P town-and saw my favorite roadside stand was open. Avacados for .25, nice and ripe and ready for homemade guacamole, almonds, $2 a pound. Huge navel oranges, $1 a lb, but well worth the price. It is a hidden treasure, one I love passing through as we drive through the valley. Went through some small towns, looking for places to go, and stay warm. It was mighty chilly, only hit 46 where we were. No fun for walking outside. We'll try again tomorrow, see where the day takes us.

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