Friday, January 29, 2010


Later than I normally post, but this week has been a busier week than expected. While my MIL was in town, we took the boys to a local fundraiser, Cirque de Visalia, and it was a blast. We were early, so the boys saw African drummers inside the auditorium, as well as some princesses in the lobby.
M loved the singing and dancing, was up on his feet when dancers were on stage.

The Jammies are a local daddy band, and they invited the kids to come on stage and hear the music. E didn't want to be left out, so he went up with his brothers. You can see him dancing on stage, while everyone else was sitting.
G loved the music too-he was having a ball up on stage!

Time for pictures with Grandma, before she leaves!

The boys and Grandma

We came home later, before the rain came pouring down, with the intent of watching football. E, on the otherhand, decided to take a nap.

The boys were busy yelling tack, hut, anything that was somewhat related to football during the game.

Sunday kept us inside most the day, thanks to a never ending supply of rain. When the clouds began to part later in the afternoon, G and I went worm hunting. Found some wiggly ones!

G and his worm holder-and worm hunting-a fun indication that I have boys in the house :)
an empty field near where we live, I sometimes think about how many open fields there used to be in this town, before the developments took shape

Monday M had a rough morning, had something to do with his younger brothers and I knew we had some extra time, so I used a giftcard to treat him to hot cocoa. I think that helped, and we had a nice talk too about how we both are the eldest sibling in our families.

On Wednesday, G and me made muffins to bring to his preschool for an after school snack. He was thrilled I let him crack the eggs-and the muffins were suprisingly eggshell free.
Almost done, can you tell he scooped them himself-I had to fight the urge to help, and take over!

The boys and I put together a basket of treats for birthday girls and I delivered it on Thursday. I think it turned out really nice-and it was the first one I had made, and the boys really liked doing it too. I think I'm going to do the same thing in the future for other birthdays.
Saturday we were home, and E was up at the crack of dawn. By lunch time, this is how he was at his table.

Sunday morning is pancake breakfast at the A house! E was the helper today, and was ready to cook!


We went for a walk in the cold-why we did that-I don't quite remember-oh-because it was dry! Nothing like finally getting outside because it had been raining all week long!

E enjoyed the graham crackers and hot cocoa that we made for afternoon snack. It was a nice way to finish off the afternoon before heading for naps.

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