Saturday, February 16, 2008

resisting temptation

I must say, resisting the temptation to eat out is a daily battle, but its one I seem to be winning. The key for me is taking it day by day. For Valentines Day, life was so hectic at home, I really wanted to give in and just order Chinese for us; but, the steak I had taken out that morning was defrosted, I knew we had salad and potatos to use up, and I had a box of brownie mix that was calling my name. I was frazzled making dinner, but it turned out good (despite having to be reheated in the microwave). I think dinner cost me about $5 to make, and that's oodles of savings when going out for a steak dinner would run $40, plus the cost of a baby sitter.

Last night was also a challenge. I had agreed to make a meal for a family, since the mom just had back surgery, and had two young children at home. It would have been so easy for me to call for pizza, not only for them, but for us as well. I used my resources at home, and not only made them a home cooked meal, but doubled the recipe so there was enough for the 4 of us to eat too. It really felt good to come home from dropping off a meal to find dinner waiting for us too.

This weekend will be a challenge I'm sure, sicne Dh has an extra day off that will give us an opportunity to go out and spend money before we even have it. I'm just going to take it one hour at a time if I have to, breaking it down that way seems to help.

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Jilse said...

The extra day off always means we end up spending more money. I love having Mr.Man home, but I hate that we end up blowing more money than usual. Holidays are a blessing and a curse all rolled into one.

I am happy to see you have started blogging. I hope that your blog helps you, as much as mine helps me.