Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The urge to eat out

Today was like any other day, except we had playgroup in the morning and a doctors appointment 4 1/2 hours later. I was determined not to eat out, and decided that we'd go home in between errands to save myself from spending more than necessary. On one hand it was a bad call-the boys missed their nap, and I never had a chance to eat lunch. We left home for the drs, with Hubby along for the ride. I was dreading the aftermath of the dr. visit, for I was sure I'd hear the inevitable, "Where do you want to eat?" Luckily, a phone call from work distracted him, and I got on the freeway and made a good 10 minute headway home before that question arose. Needless to say, we were surrounded by fast food joints, and while I love my share of Taco Bell and McDonalds, I was not in the mood for junk food. I was in the mood for a sit down restaurant, but since the boys hadn't taken an afternoon nap, I was reluctant to go out with them. I felt that if we went out, I really wanted to enjoy myself, and couldn't see that happening with two cranky children and one peaceful infant. We made it home, Hubby fed himself first-why that happened is beyond me, but eventually the kdis got fed. I made a huge crock of potato cheese soup w/ shrimp and corn, and while it wasn't as good as Marie Callendars, not having the $9 tag for soup and a meal was very nice. As I sat eating my soup, I thought, one more meal down, and that brings us closer to a new month. And the biggest thought of all-I survived temptation!

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Jilse said...

Good for you! We have the hardest time saying no to eating out when we are already out of the house and are tired and cranky. Sometimes we resist the urge, other times we give in and I'll feel guilty about it for the next week. You were smart to choose going home and making a cheap meal there. You wouldn't havbe enjoyed your meal out with cranky, overtired kids anyway.