Wednesday, February 13, 2008

planning ahead

i need guidance in how to best snowball extra funds that are coming our way soon. i don't want to end up in the hole again money wise, and being prepared would really help.

in other news, we got our yearly mortgage summary. i was thrilled to see that our payment is dropping by a whopping $80 a month-that's money i want to apply to other places (hence the need to understan snowballing). we also received a $198 bonus check for overpayment, but that money is already eaten up by a whopping electric bill i had wondered how we were going to pay.

hubby has started to work on the taxes, so far we're looking good for a hefty refund, but according to h&r block, mystery shopping is hurting more than helping, since we have to pay taxes on the money. hubby doesn't get that it really did help-w/o that extra money our oop expenses would have been higher to pay off our medical/dental bills that accrued over the past year. i may need to rethink how often i do it, or at least set money aside to pay for those additional taxes.

i decided to alter how often the boys go to preschool. with the place raising rates, and me not having a ton of success in finding part-time work that works for me, i think we'd be better off reallocating those funds. i need to crunch those numbers, and find the best arrangement. at the same time, i also need to find additional activities for me and the kids-i don't mind staying at home, but boredom is rampent, and constantly having 3 young kids in a house would make any sane momma go nutso. i'm hoping to broaden my base of free/low cost activities, and maybe join a few more playgroup/mom and me activities to help ease the boredom while keeping a lid on the cost. that's a goal i'll be working on in the next couple of weeks.

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