Friday, February 22, 2008

decisions, decisions

we've been doing great eating at home. each night we either have leftovers, pull something together, or take advantage of a free meal (the parenting workshop at the preschool provides dinner for the parents). now while i'm so used to making dinner at home, i have an opportunity to eat out. moms night outs are rare, and i found a local group hosting one tomorrow. i know hubby could handle the kids, but part of me feels guilty for wanting to eat out while he eats home once again. at the same time he showed me a take out box from a mexican place today. boy, i really wish it was me who had gotten a break and was able to eat out. i don't mean to sound bitter, i just would like an opportunity to go out-but wonder how much it would set us back.
this brings me to another aspect of going out-the cost. mind you, we just got part of our tax refund, and i'm scared out of my mind. i knw i have things to pay off, which i fully intend to do. there's just other things i was hoping to do-reestablish our emergency fund, get our wills situated, and maybe, just maybe, have some fun money. i don't know how to figure this out. i wish i had suze orman on speed dial.
i know if i go out tomorrow, i can keep the bill under $20. now its just having a talk w/ the hubby to see what kind of fun money he'd want for himself-maybe that's how i'll figure this out. to be continued....

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Jilse said...

I try to balance being frugal, with still enjoying some small pleasures in life.

Yes, eating out with friends might not be the most financially responsible thing to do, but how will it affect your mental well-being? You'll probably have a great time, be able to enjoy a good meal with friends and actually eat most of it uninterrupted, and come home relaxed. Or that's at least what happens to me when I get out with friends alone for a few hours.

I think you should go, and put the guilty feelings away. You work hard and deserve some time off now and again. We all need downtime, being a SAHM is no easy job, we don't get any real time off on a daily basis. Think of this as your reward for a job welldone.

Also with your refund I follow Dave Ramsey's approach. We set up an emergency fund, and then after that we have been working at one debt at a time. I have also set up an automatic savings plan on my ING account, so even though it's only 25.00 a month we're slowly growing our emergency fund even more.

I would take the money and look at what your priorities are. What is the most financially sound thing to do with the bulk of the money. Sure leaving a little out for fun money is great, just remember the big picture is getting your financial house in order. Good luck!!!