Sunday, February 24, 2008

Family shopping trips, and more....

We planned to go to Costco on Saturday, with the intent of using the coupons sent in the mail. I knew we'd walk ouf of the store spending a minimum of $100, but figured the money spent would save us money in the long run. We stuck to the items we had coupons for, and bought the essentials-milk, eggs, and bread. $202 later, I'm wondering what the heck we spent money on. Dishwasher tabs, plenty of fresh fruit, yogurt, coffee, creamer, orange juice, frozen meals for crazy nights, dog treats/supplies, and of course, two case of frappachinos as a treat. I wonder how the heck we manage, but at the same time, we've been eating home every night, and hubby does bring lunch to work at least four out of five days a week. In the end, the money we spent is nothing compared to how much we'd spend eating out. Even if we just got two small frappachinos once as a treat, we'd spend $7, and the $13 for a case (plus the savings from the coupon), more than makes up for it.

On the way home, I brought up to hubby how I had decided not to go to the Moms Night Out. I couldn't rationalize spending $20 when we just spent $202 on groceries to eat home. Hubby was kind of upset-he really thought I needed a night off. I told him I'd take the boys out tomorrow so he could work on the work he brought home. He thought that was a fair compromise. At home, I ate a small meal, as so I wouldn't be starving when I went out, and hoped I'd be satisfied with ordering an appetizer and not an entree. Before I met up with the group, I took out $40 from the ATM-I only planned on spending $20, but wanted to make sure I had emergency cash on hand.
At the restaurant, I decided I wanted something boozey, but I didn't want to shell out $7+ for a long island iced tea. I was pleased to see a Black and Tan beer for $3.50-score! I ordered a $7 appetizer, and figured $10.50 plus tip wasn't too bad for a night out. Th group decided to leave the restaurant and check out a bar/lounge nearby. As it was only 8:30p.m., and I had just called hubby to find out the boys were asleep, I wasn't quite ready to go home. I decided to go along, with the intent of maybe having one drink, but not going too crazy and blowing my budget. As it turned out, where we went was a classy low key joint, where even though I was wearing jeans and a fancy top and leather loafers, I felt comfortable. I ordered one cosmo, and considering th $7, I was happy with the size of the drink, since the atmopshere was nice, and I was able to enjoy some good conversation. It would be nice to go there with some other moms I know, or even hubby if he was willing to check it out.

There's more I want to post about my Grocery Game shopping done today, but parenthood is calling. I'll update again later.

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