Saturday, February 9, 2008

back on track

getting sick really puts a cramp in life, especially when you're used to never getting ill. while the fog of physical illness is continuing to lift, i still find myself somewhat struggling with emotional bagage. i'm beginning to wonder how much is brought on by financial insecurities vs just not being "happy". i've been determined for a long time to overhaul how we spend our money and make wiser choices. however, i'm finding myself beating myself up for things that were already done, wishing that we had done things differently, knowing that we had overcome financial struggles before, but always seem to work our way back into some sort of situation again. i guess i'm trying to figure out if each situation is exactly the same, vs just being in a different place with a new problem, vs a problem that already existed before. not sure if that makes sense.

goals for today: have a good time at the zoo, bring plenty of snacks for the family, grocery shop at costco, maybe have lunch at costco if we're still hungry and use up the snacks that we had brought with us.

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