Friday, March 4, 2011

Plant a seed in my garden

Now that light is starting to stay past the 4:30 mark (and my energy is not gone by 6pm on most nights), its time to think of gardening. We had a great time doing it last year-the kids learned about fruits and vegetables-Elijah played in the dirt and I sat, big and pregnant. This year, Rebecca gets to join on the fun. This is my plan: Robert's going to help me, we'll figure out the specifics as we go along.

I'm excited about this summer, the fun times that lay ahead. Its easy to get bogged down with homework and work/college schedules, but during summer, that's when we have our own pause button. Its wide open for adventure-in our backyard, at the coast, even Magic Mountain/Discovery Kingdom. The wheels in my head are turning, plans are being formed...

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