Sunday, March 20, 2011

Don't stop in the middle

Don't stop in the middle woke me up this morning as I went online. We've been cruising-knocking out challenges, enjoying the day to day life with our family of six. Friday though, gave me a jolt-one that could have freaked me out pre-FPU, but now, now I'm excited to figure out a plan. Like my friend Heather told me, I wasn't a numbers person before, but now I'm learning how to be.

There's a bill that's on the verge of being passed in the state government that would effectively terminate Robert's employment in three years. Its already passed the State Assembly, now its the Senate's turn to vote. We (and his union) have hopes (with social activism) that we can prevent it from going through-but if it doesn't-I don't want to think "what the heck are we going to do? " The number crunching starts now-figuring out how much extra we can pay down on the house once we have our 6 month emergency living expenses saved. It'll take some research to figure out how much we need to add to pay off our house in a few years-or if we need to refinance-lower the amount we need to finance by half. Numbers are not my thing-but thinking-wow we could have our house paid off in a few years (by the time I'm 35) and not owe anything to anyone-we could live on a lot less (and acknowledging that our house payment is already half of our take home pay that says a lot).

Not going to sweat what I can't control-but what I can control-not stopping in the middle.

In other news, this weekend has been awesome :) Moms Club is picking up steam-and I am loving this time with my kids-even if they're not glued by my side like they used to be. Bedtime has been early-but I have more energy-and when I stay up on the weekends-naps are appreciated :) I went to Bunco last night-and Robert watched-no, not babysat, but watched all four kids on his own. Mind you, a panicked call before I headed home had me worried-but baby girl was asleep by the time I made it home (and I got an apology too-turns out she was just tired and Daddy was worried why she wouldn't eat). This afternoon I'm going crafting with a friend, and I'm excited to learn some new techniques. Robert will do something with the boys-or perhaps just watch a movie with them since its cold and wet outside. Either way, it'll be a relaxing day :)

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