Monday, March 18, 2013

Faith x2 or x3

Church. Bake Sale. Stampin Up. Bake Sale. Couples Group. Busy day, which felt extremely long, but went by super quick. I was surrounded by friends, and positive people, and its where we needed to be. Robert was talking to one of friends yesterday about differences between the Catholic Church in town, and where we're going now. They used to go there too, and they were raised in the Catholic faith too. Easter is two weeks away, and I think Robert is leaning heavily on attending the sunrise service with our friends, than at the Catholic one-or we may do both (long morning, considering one is at 6:30 am, another at 8 am (or 10 am). I am concerned about how Rebecca will feel after that much activity, but we could take it easy once we get home. More is yet to come.

I ordered a book that my brother recommended to me-actually, it was recommended to him by a rabbi who came through his work last month. I ordered it and am eagerly awaiting it. I am prepping our home for Passover, using the flour/grains (perfect timing for so many reasons), and planning a Seder dinner. Yes, I just participated in a church bake sale, and I'm preparing for a Jewish meal. Welcome to my interfaith life.

I have pictures on my phone from the bake sale, and the kids being kids, to add to my picture a day postings. I will get to those-perhaps while Rebecca is taking a nap. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful spring weather, it will be summertime before we know it :)

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