Sunday, March 3, 2013


No one is perfect, and if they say they are, well, bless their heart. While I grew up in a home where my mom felt it was her way or the highway, I try my best to consider both (or more) perspectives. Its not always easy, and yes, I can become unglued. Yet I am striving everyday to move forward, to be a better person, considerate, compassionate, and thoughtful of others. It's important to model this with my children, in spite of my struggles, because I want them to understand how I (and we) are where we stand.

Today was no different. I hoped our day out running errands would go fine, I had our food envelope with us. We had a mystery shop lunch halfway through, and for whatever reason, moods took a turn for the worse after lunch. I pushed through the negativity, listening to music helped. Yet during the second stop, I reached my limit. I actually left a cart full of groceries behind, and was waiting outside with all four kids until Robert came out (he decided to meet us inside). I just said, "I'm done." and off we went-to what should have been our last stop-yet it turned out I was expected to go myself. I was done, and said so again, and we went home, leaving the groceries at the store.

The way home was quiet, and as soon as we pulled up, I told Robert I was going to lay down with Rebecca. He could figure out what to do with our boys. It turns out that while we slept, he planted our garden. He sent Matthew in to apologize, and ask if I wanted to go to couples group tonight. I said yes, we talked about what happend, and I gave Matthew a big hug. I went outside, and Robert was down in the dirt. He apologized too, and I did too. I am appreciative he took the initiave to plant (we had 36 seedlings!) and it provided much needed relief to a bumpy afternoon.

The whole point of this post is to show I'm human (with the gushiness of us all apologizing aside). We have our rough moments, and we make mistakes. What's important is how we grow and learn, moving forward in life.

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