Thursday, March 25, 2010


Life happens. First one was sick, then two, then me. Yeah, life happens. I've learned when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, or a lemon cake. I'll take both, thank you very much. The past week and a half has been a buzz of activities, most with picture taking, some so busy (for me) that I had to keep my hands free to help out vs taking photos. In any case, there have been more smiles than tears, more laughter than fights, more early to bed nights to go with the early rising mornings. I'm excited about all the changes going on, both big and small here at home. Life is good when there's change, its all in how you roll with them that go for a bumpy or smooth ride.
So here are the changes going on here:
-Our garden, its gone from a weed infested patch to a rota-tilled space ready to bear fruit and vegetables this spring and summer.
-The boys have had a blast playing on the weekends w/ C and sometimes K, I've been having fun watching all the boys run around, and enjoy H's company when she comes over too.
-Packing and decluttering have begun in full force the past two weeks, thanks to our internet being on the fritz again. Freecyclers came andd took albums, books, knick knacks and toys. In return I got boxes from another, made packing easier to do since the meager ones we had were filled already.
-R and I reopened the conversation about adding to our family. We're now in the "if we're going to have another, it should be now vs later" since life is never going to stop, and the boys are in a good groove. Yes that means quite possibly we're going to start all over in diapers by the time E is potty trained; but and this is a big one, we know we can handle it. Its just a matter of whether or not it will happen. So we'll see what happens in the months ahead. I know someone will approach me and say "What the heck are you thinking?" or "Are you pregnant now?" and truthfully I have thought about this as much as I can, and while I'm not pregnant now, I've been thinking for so long (and haven't written/spoken about it too much-I really needed to make peace w/ myself that this is what R and I wanted, not because so-and-so is having another, or is finished, that sort of thing). So as has been the case three times prior of breathing and becoming pregnant, we'll see what happens now. We're on the same page regardless, its just a matter of if its meant to be.
-and G is officially ready for kindergarten. He was so excited to bring his paperwork to preschool (who was dropping it off for us), and show off that he's going to be at the big school next year. I'm so happy for my middle son. He's so enthusiastic about learning, and the real world, he is ready to learn at school. Here are pictures from the previous couple of weeks, in no particular order.

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