Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The boys enjoyed a brief respite from the rain outside, and discovered the joys of nature-worms! I've gotten over the gross factor, and have decided to let them have their fun, as long as they return the worms to their home before we go inside. Seeing stuff like this makes me look forward to gardening this summer, because I know I'll have volunteers ready to dig in the dirt with me.
One of our weekly traditions is to bake muffins or a snack on Wednesdays. This particular day it was E's turn to help stir the batter, and he dug right in.

More time to dig in the dirt!

Snack time with E!

Last week the boys were playing dress up, and E decided to wear a race car suit-this is the same one that I've had since Matthew's first birthday (Auntie S gave it to us). I've had each of the boys wear it, and E is finally big enough to wear it himself.
The blossoms are blooming in the fields near home, and its been beautiful. I wanted to capture some pictures before the rain and wind caused the tiny flowers to fall. I am always amazed each year how the trees bloom and later in the spring are producing fruit and other delights.

Oh my michievious boys, playing with the clean laundry. First M decided to bury his brother...

-Then G wanted his turn.....
And who could resist teaming up to carry baby E in the laundry too!

This month really flew by, for more reasons than one. I'm glad to see it go, for having to deal with the stress of R getting hurt in the middle of the month. It was a positive experience helping out in M's classroom, and I loved helping G with his projects for preschool. Its odd to think of there being less than 60 days left of school, when there is still so much going on. E is getting more talkative by the day, and I love seeing him interact with his brothers, and by himself. More often than not I'm suprised by how quickly the days are passing by, when just a year ago it seemed like time was going slow. Maybe that's because we have a school calendar to follow now? I'm looking forward to the new month, blossoms, and better weather, paying off debts once and for all, March is going to be a great month.

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