Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sunday was a mellow day at home. We ran some errands in town, where I saw one of my friend's daughter selling girl scout cookies. We bought one box, and oooooh, that box didn't make it out of the parking lot-the five of us enjoyed the sweet treat :) We headed home and I took the boys to my friend H's house, where I helped her can, yes can, some food, and the boys played with play dough. We saw wild rabbits frolicking in the sun, and thoughts of spring came to mind. Heather and I are planning to can this summer, and we had a nice long talk about our plans for our gardens. It was a lot of fun, and a nice way to cap off a restful weekend.

When we came home, I made dinner for the crew, and then tried to make homemade popcorn. It didn't quite turn out as well as I hoped, not sure why-thinking I had too many kernels in the pan, but it was fun to try out. I think we'll try it again, but keep a closer eye on the progress of them.

Monday E and I went to playgroup. He had fun playing with his friends, and I hung out with the moms. The big event for me was that I went and paid for the first half of our carpet renovation. We're set to get the carpet sometime around Spring Break. Now we're picking out paint samples and getting bids from painters. I had one come out yesterday, and we reviewed the colors I already picked out on a recent trip to Lowes. I'm hopeful about his bid, which we'll get later this week. We still have a couple more people to interview, and licenses to check out, so we'll see how it pans out this week.

Tuesday I worked, part of which was having the oil changed on the car. I also went to a grocery store that was going out of business, and bought items that we could use here, and those I could donate to the food bank in town. It was odd to see a total of $80 drop to $40 w/o coupons, and even crazier how much food was bought with that amount of money. I have pictures down below of some of the stuff I bought, thanks to G helping me put it away. Errands were accomplished. R and I managed to have lunch (courtesy of work) by ourselves, and it was nice to get away. The boys and I went to H's house for dinner, and the boys had fun bouncing outside on the trampoline. It did the trick though, because when we came home, full of good food, the boys passed out-they were tired from all the bouncing around :)

On Wednesday, the younger boys and I stayed home because AT&T came out to fix our DSL line. It was something that needed to get done, and it finally happened. We made cookies for our afternoon playgroup to pass the time. G also played a stacking game with E with groceries I bought the day before, and that actually kept them entertained for a long time. Crazy how the simple things can keep them busy, while expensive ones are sometimes left to the side. Once M was out of school, we hopped over to C town for playgroup, and it was nice for the kids to run around.

Thursday, the boys and I took R to school, and we ventured out around V town. We had a few work shops, but then we took a break and went to Target. The boys ooohed and ahhed over the tball equipment, and it was fun to see what things caught their eye. There weren't any meltdowns, thank goodness, and we made it back in time to get R when his class was over.

Friday, I subbed at a middle school. I had lunch with one of my friend's who is a teacher there, and it was nice to talk about our plans for this summer. We have been friends since I moved to town five years ago, and we've managed to keep our friendship going throughout us growing our families and weird work/school/baby schedules. She welcomed me to go away in a couple of weeks to a scrapbook convention w/ her (thanks to hubby for saying he will gladly watch the boys so I can go :0) ) so it'll be fun.

Yesterday, R went to school to study, and I had H's son over to play for most the afternoon. It was a lot of fun, and the kids did everything from playing pretend to setting up the train set. I relaxed (as much as could be expected with four kids under six underfoot) and enjoyed the day. R came home and I made a tasty dinner. Another week to a close, and one more closer to spring.

***edited to add-for some reason I can't upload all my pics now, blogger is acting up, so I'll post the rest of the pics later :o)

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