Thursday, July 16, 2009


Something my parents instilled in me was if you get lost, go exploring (within reason of course). Well, yesterday was one of those days. Everyone was out of town for playgroup, the movies were packed, I couldn't find a park where some moms were meeting, and I promised the boys we would go out and about before picking up groceries at Costco. I took a back road, not sure where we would end up. It would around the back part of V town, close to some vineyards, and close to grazing cows and horses. The boys were in awe-E is all about horseys. We continued on our way and I found a park that we have gone to in the past, complete with shade and nice walking paths. I told the boys it may be too hot to play on the unshaded playground-it was already nearing 88 at 10:30am, but we could definitely go and explore some other parks of the park.
When we arrived at the park, we came across a free museum. Upon closer inspection, I learned it was closed, but a woman inside saw us walking away and welcomed us to explore, if we didn't mind some dust. I was so happy, we ventured inside and founnd a space complete with local history and history about the geography of the region. I wasn't sure how much the kids would like it, they're young, but then again, they're young. They have no concept of old-a telephone switchboard, box style cameras, how currency was different 100+ years ago. M and G got a first hand look at Indian baskets and settlers clothes. They saw a fossilized tusk from a mammoth (and M thought that was the coolest thing since he just saw Ice Age), and a display of farm and household tools from the late 1800s. There was a huge set up of buildings for the kids to explore, a jail, a printing press, a log cabin, a train car, and much more. We must have spent over an hour there, and still didn't see all of it. I was so glad I didn't give up, since if we had just gone to Costo, we would have missed out on doing something completely different.
I took pictures, but I need to work on uploading them since I used my camera on my phone.

This was a prime example of how I'm now living my life. I try new things, jump into unchartered waters. I don't know where or how things will always turn out, but I don't want to let anything hold me back. I want my kids to see that nothing is impossible, life is really a journey. I see that more and more as my 30s grow closer, and my 20s come to a close. I did so much in my twenties, that slowing down now, well, it doesn't suit me. I want to see what life has to hold. I've had conversations with my MIL, and she's pointed out life is short. Suck up the tough moments, savor the good moments, and be a sponge for new ideas and new experiences. So between the day trips, the planned v next week, and keeping my eyes and ears open for new things to do, I'm wondering what adventures I'll take in my 30s.

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Dana said...

That's a great day! I love it when you find fun adventures by surprise. :)