Monday, July 6, 2009

New month, new goals

Life is good. This is the month before my 30th birthday, and I'm enjoying every last bit of my 20s while excited to see what the next decade will bring. I'm eating healthier than ever, and taking steps to ensure that we have healthy food available come the dead of winter. We've cut out eating out (lots of wasted $$), using the crockpot, making lots of salads. I had a laugh yesterday, I posted on facebook about needing a side for salad, and someone said, isn't salad a side? That used to be the case here, but given the lettuce bar I discovered, I'm using more lettuce and tomatos than before. The kids are seeing us eat it now, and while they're not always crazy about it, with it being what's for dinner, they're getting more adventurous too. I don't feel deprived skipping restaurants, it's made a world of difference for us.

My goal for this month is to continue to branch out more of my comfort zone. The weather is hot, but I'm finding new things to do and enjoying life with the boys. We've been using the pool in the afternoon, choosing to go to playgroups and other activites each morning. I've been reading more, and have my creative juices flowing with ideas for our home and plans for the future.

This is the last full month of summer for us, next month both R and M start school, so we'll have to be more organized. Until then, we'll enjoy the lazy days of summer.

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