Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bargain hunting

Yesterday was a quiet day. I took the boys to summer camp, and they were so excited to go. I sometimes wonder if its worth it to send them, but then I see how much fun they're having, and how they run off to be with their friends. Who wouldn't do anything to have their kids happy?

While they were at camp, I went bargain hunting. I hit up CVS for their free school supplies (both for M and to use as donations), then headed to the local thrift stores. I've wanted to get myself a dress for my birthday, but in my usual style, always find something for the kids to buy before I buy for myself. Some dislike thrift stores for any number of reasons, but for me, I love them. The thrill of not knowing what I'll find, knowing that I've come across some high end merchandise that I've coveted in a magazine to find in a local store, it's great.

I started out at Salvation Army. While perousing the clothes, I found several shirts and jackets for the boys, all in "like new" condition from Gap, Old Navy, and a Cars themed one from Disney. I love how those brands hold in quality, yet can't see paying $30+ per jacket brand new. I also found some solid colored polo shirts (the school uniform type) for M. Definitely a steal at $2. I I also found a Halloween costume (a police officer), which by the way the boys grabbed it, may return to me in time for Halloween. I did find a great pair of St John's Bay capris for me, they looked brand new. I grabbed them. Off to the fitting room- a perfect fit! I learned that at the Salvation Army in town all the clothes go 50% off after 7 days, but after a certain point they go 75%. That must have been the case, since the grand total of dropped from $24 to $6. Sweet!

My next stop was Goodwill. There I found two nice summer dresses, one from Old Navy and the other from Ann Taylor. I love Ann Taylor, but the clothes are not cheap (most dresses that I have loved start at $59; while that may seem like a bargain, to a mom w/ three kids, that's a lot for one dress!). I try and wait for a sale, but even now with the boys, I usually buy for them before I do myself. However, seeing these dresses for $4 each, and in mint condition, I knew I found good deals. Yay!

So I told R last night, I'm definitely wearing those dresses, he was beyond thrilled I bought them, and even more thrilled at the price (he thought I bought them at the mall, lol). One other purchase, a small purse for me. Now with two kids potty trained (yay G!) I have the option of using a much smaller bag. I found a cute Roxy one, another favorite brand of mine (complete opposite of Ann Taylor, but this girl loves options!) and a Brighton style (going to find out if is a real Brighton, but even if its not, it is still really cute) purse. I didn't break the bank, and found really nice "new" to me things.

I came home, pleased with my purchases, and pleased with how much money I saved too. Here are pics of the dresses-the pics don't do them justice though, I'll post once I wear them too :)

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