Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend update

This weekend was fun. We went to C's farmers market on Friday and met up with some friends. I only took the two younger boys, and got a taste of how life will be in a few weeks. It was so different, I kept turning my head to count heads, and realized they were right next to me. Snack time was a breeze, no diaper changes until we got home, it was so simple. I told R it was never that easy when I took the two older ones out by myself, or even now when I take all three out. We enjoyed the music, and the company. We took our kids for a late snack after the market, and it was great. We talked about our large families, and how our little ones are going to kindergarten together. It was really nice. Hearing how another mom has dealt with the schools that M is going into, I'm at ease with what lies ahead. I'm not so anxious about him riding the bus, although I will take him the first couple of weeks, and see if he changes his mind about riding it.

Saturday we went to V farmer's market. I pigged out, the lettuce and eggplant looked so good. I bought some extra food this time, my dad and girlfriend may come towards the end of the week (if we don't go to San Jose), and I want to make them a special dinner. If they come here, we're all headed to Pismo. I'm so excited, the weather should be great. I also bought myself a bunch of wildflowers.

I think there was lavender in there, it smells fantastic. It definitely changed the vibe of our dining table, complete with our bowl of tomatos and fresh peaches.

We also went to the reptile show at the library. The boys loved it, and M participated in the show. E was also a happy camper, loving the lizards and turtles.

Wrapping up the day by having a free dinner out, it was great. It has been a long time since we've gone out, and it was nice for a change.

Yesterday was mellow, and was a big freecycle day for me. I plowed through the baby toys, and made up a huge bin to donate on freecycle. I'm saving some items for when we have guests come over, but I pared down what we have. I also made a large box of kitchen items for a woman who is moving into her own place with her daughter. I made a bin of children's videos too, and re-freecycled our double jogging stroller that was freecycled to us. It felt really good to pare down, and know the stuff is going to get used by others who can benefit from it.

Today is a busy day. I'm ahead of myself with laundry and dishes done, and we'll head out to the water park later for playgroup. I have to pack for my overnight trip to the Bay Area, and call my dad's attorney this morning. Otherwise, I think I'm squared away to leave R w/ the boys overnight tonight. I'm not sure if I'm taking the train back, my dad may drive me home so they can visit at the same time. Either way I'll be glad when this ordeal will be over, and I can resume our sense of normalcy. It'be weird spending the night away from all three boys, I have never done that since having E. On the brightside, E is now 20 months, and R is confident it'll be easier than having a young baby to care for. All I can do is prep dinner, and then relax-because it will definitely be out of my hands! 5:45 will come soon enough, and then I'll be Bay Area bound.

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Tangee said...

I am loving your blog. Found it from frugal hacks. I love going to the farmer's markets with the family.