Monday, September 15, 2014

The secrets of marriage

Yesterday was a "I bit too much off, and how am I going to get this done, and nothing is going my way" kind of day. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my Sunday. To make matters worse (or better, as seen later on), my husband committed us to going to our couples group. It made my blood pressure go sky high-really in hind sight, I get it. I really do. I was exhausted, and taking it out on my partner.

Fast forward to the couples group I didn't want to go to, and my husband and I got to go on a field trip- to see the couples group of our elders, ranging in marriages from 36-62 years. Eye opening. Knowing that they had lasted so long, raising children, dealing with stress, many of them having had kids as close in age as ours (which was comforting too, knowing I could relate to those women).

I was grateful that we went, it was really a G-d thing that we were there. The petty arguments of the day were history,

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