Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend reflection

Yesterday we chilled at home all day. We should have gone to the grocery store, as we were almost out of milk, creamer, out of eggs, fresh vegetables, etc. Instead we stayed at home. We went to the S's home around the corner, and my friend and I chatted while the guys talked inside, and the kids played outside. It hit me how much Robert and I look to them as role models, them already having faced certain parenthood/marriage challenges. I was reminded how too they are human, we strive to do more for others than for ourselves.

This morning Robert told the boys he wanted us to go to church. It wasn't a surprise-I've sensed a difference in him since the retreat (actually, since before the retreat, his spirit was changing, but the retreat pushed everything to the front and center). We went to first service and got to hear about some of the missionary work that's supported from the tithes. We also had an opportunity to fellowship with our neighbors, and the kids to go to the Sunday childen's program.

All of this made space for conversation while on our way running errands. Now, more than ever, we're in a place to contribute financially. Given the 10% Dave Ramsey's plan and others encourage, that's $50 a month off the top, but we can stretch to do more. This is all unchartered territory for us, both attending a different church all together, and contributing financially to a church vs a non-profit we support. I am trusting that we will be led to the right decision for our family.

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